Learning for Water


This webpage is part of the legacy website for the Source to Tap Project, supported by the European Union’s INTERREG VA, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB). This project has now come to an end and this site should be used for reference only.

The Source to Tap Education Programme takes a fun and informative look at water, our amazing rivers and where our drinking water comes from.

This free-to-use, 5-unit programme is packed with educational resources, activities and experiments. It is designed to help your pupils learn and understand more about water’s journey from source to tap and how our water use impacts its quality along the way.

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The Programme is aimed at children aged 10-11 but can be used with younger or older children. It covers the Curriculum themes of ‘The World Around Us’ in Northern Ireland and Great Britain and Social Environmental and Scientific Education in Ireland.

Topics covered also integrate with the Eco Schools (Northern Ireland) and Green Flag Ireland Programmes. A workbook allows pupils to record their learning journey throughout the 5-unit programme.

Using the education resources

Our short ‘Train the Teacher’ video explains how to use the resources that accompany the 5-unit education programme.

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To access these resources, just click on the zip files below to download.
Each file contains teacher’s notes and a class presentation PDFs, as well as activity sheets 

Unit 1: Where does our water come from?

Children will have gained knowledge and understanding of:
• how the water cycle works
• water as a natural resource
• vocabulary with important water cycle terms

Unit 2: How are rivers formed?

Children will have gained knowledge and understanding of:
• the processes of erosion, transportation, and deposition
• the different River Stages and associated features at each stage
• how a rivers course changes as it moves downstream

Unit 3: What lives in our Rivers?

Children will have gained knowledge and understanding of:
• what habitats are and how different creatures adapt to live in these places.
• food chains and food webs
• how plants, animals and other creatures depend on each other to make the river ecosystem function

Unit 4: How do Rivers get polluted?

Children will have gained knowledge and understanding of:
• the causes of water pollution and will think of ways to reduce it
• freshwater invertebrates as indicator species
• telling others of the negative impact pollution can have

Unit 5: How does water get from our rivers to our taps?

Children will have gained knowledge and understanding of:
• the different processes involved in the treatment of water
• the various uses we have for water

Download the Source to Tap Educational Illustrations Resource Pack containing lots of high-quality diagrams and images for you to create your own learning resources.

Download the Source to Tap Activity workbook containing worksheets and exercises relating to each of the five educational units.

Source to Tap has helped educate 1947 school children in the Erne and Derg catchment areas through school visits and online learning. Why not visit the Learning for Water Story Map to see which schools took part and what Awards they achieved.