Blue DropletWeed Wiping Webinar ***PENDING DATE CONFIRMATION***

A key aspect of the Source to Tap project is trialling methods that may reduce the amount of the herbicide MCPA reaching rivers. We are encouraging farmers to switch from boom spraying to a more localised application process called weed wiping. Originally, the project ran demonstration events to show farmers how to carry out weed wiping, but given current COVID restrictions, we intend to run a webinar. This will consist of a virtual demonstration followed by a live Q+A with experts in the field.

Weed wiping

Rushes can be managed by using herbicides applied by either a boom sprayer, knapsack or a weed-wiper. Weed-wipers can manage rushes more efficiently than conventional boom sprayers using less chemical with a dramatic reduction in spray drift by ‘wiping’ the top of the weed. Weed-wipers are only licensed for use with glyphosate, a chemical that has potentially less impact on water quality as it can break down in the water environment much more quickly than MCPA.

How do I attend?

Anyone will be able to tune in to the online webinar, which will feature experts in responsible herbicide application, as well as members of the project team and The Voluntary Initiative. If you can’t attend the scheduled event, we will make the webinar available to watch on our website and social media channels.


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