Working together to put healthy rivers at the heart of our communities.

We are working hard to actively engage with landowners, farmers, anglers and local communities to help us put healthy rivers at the heart of our communities.

We have held three one-day training events for volunteers in both catchments. The volunteers will help monitor their local river environment. The workshop included presentations and practical demonstrations to enable  the volunteer to carry out health checks on their local river. Following training the volunteer has the required skills and training  for monitoring water quality. We can all make a difference and we can all be citizen scientists.

The monitoring scheme will ensure that water quality is checked more widely, so that action can be taken at the earliest opportunity, should any significant drop in quality be detected. The volunteers will act as guardians. Furthermore, the monitoring initiative will act as a deterrent to incidental polluters.


The benefits

The volunteers have the opportunity to collect real life data for the Source to Tap Project therefore meaning that they will have made a real difference to environmental protection.

By adopting a methodical scientific approach to surveying, making observations and recording and analysing data, as well as working in teams, the volunteer will develop confidence in new situations, learning about outdoor and river safety: all transferable life skills.
Increased understanding of the river environment and ecology from hands-on experience – coming into direct contact with river life.



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