Protecting water quality

Farmers help protect cross-border drinking water

The Source to Tap project’s agricultural Land Incentive Scheme has been a huge success and the project team want to pay tribute to local landowners for their contribution towards protecting local river water quality and wildlife. In total, 119 landowners have benefited from funding through the €1.02 million cross-border pilot scheme. The grants have helped […]

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Digging Deep for Peat

The Source to Tap team was enthused to see the UK government making a serious commitment to peatland restoration as part of its amendment to the Environment Bill. As the world slowly wakes up to the importance of preserving and restoring peatland, the island of Ireland will be firmly in the spotlight. Ireland’s historic associations […]

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Critical time to minimise herbicide runoff into our rivers and lakes

The rush spraying season is upon us and in both Northern Ireland and Ireland, now is the time when farmers and landowners can do their bit and make simple, cost-effective changes to minimise the amount of herbicide reaching the river. Farmers in the Derg catchment have already been doing this as part of the EU […]

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