Blue DropletFirst ‘Discover your River’ event in the Erne

Thank you to Ballybay Wetlands Centre for hosting our first ‘Discover your River’ event in the Erne Catchment.

We had a wonderful discussion about memories of the rivers and lakes in the area. We had many say they learnt to swim and had fond memories of the long hot summers spent cooling off in the rivers and lakes in the Dromore system.

We asked what people in the area want for their rivers and lakes, we had one suggest more river walks, modelled on park runs, so every week, a group could meet and walk the local rivers.

We had one suggest that they would like to see more children use the rivers in the area. We discussed how we could achieve this and who needs to be involved to make this happen.

It’s safe to say the community members who attended left feeling empowered that the future of the river is in their hands.

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